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These garden design ideas are key to creating a scheme you'll love for years to come. Whether you're looking for garden landscaping ideas to overhaul your outdoor space, or more tailored garden design inspiration such as garden furniture, paving, lights, plants, borders, decking and more, we've compiled some fabulous garden ideas to help you transform your back garden, whether it's big or small – and it'll help to boost your property value too.But before you proceed with any redesigns or updates, take a look at your garden as a whole, says Andrew Kyte, senior store manager at The Chelsea Gardener: 'Find out as much as you can about the garden’s position, direction and outlook. Not only will this affect planting, it can dictate how you use your space.'Whether it's a small garden, long and narrow garden, cottage garden or courtyard garden, you should observe where and at what times of day different parts of the garden gets light and sun. Think about access and what you want to use your garden for – planting and growing veg, sunbathing, eating alfresco or simply sitting down to enjoy a cup of tea on a sunny morning?Answer these questions and you'll have a clear idea of exactly how you want your garden to work for you. We hope these ideas will give you some inspiration..


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